In Spite


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After 5 years since the last record, band returns reshaped and reignited. Committed to it's unconventional approach to death metal genre, Soulrest once again offers eight dynamic and diverse compositions. With new members recruited for drums and vocals, the sound and arrangements clearly differ from previous works.

Lyrically and stylistically the group steps into new territory on the new album. Lovecraftian nameless creatures are left unbothered for good's sake. Instead, new songs delve into personal experiences of disdain, uncertainty and human spite. As title suggests, in spite we all live and we seem to like it. It only gets worse each day. What should one do about it? And should he at all?

8 songs of 46 minutes duration carefully presented in a digipak CD of minimalist and gloomy design. Fans of Pestilence, Sentenced, Entombed, Death and Paradise Lost should take notice most of all. This is death metal with a sense of irony and sarcasm, disbelief and indifference.



released July 7, 2017

Yasya - guitar/bass
Igor - guitar
Dima - keyboards
Non - vocals
Den - drums

Music by Soulrest, lyrics by Non.
Recorded in 2016/2017 at home studio.
Mixed and mastered by Yasya.
Cover photo by Igor Lepilin.
Band photos by Yaryna Denysiuk.
Samples from "Notes from underground" (F.Dostoevsky) audiobook, courtesy of Recorded Books Inc., 1994.


WARNING: Digital album is actually NOT available to purchase due to problems with Paypal in Ukraine. If you want to buy a CD, please mail us at: soulrestband (at) gmail (dot) com.



all rights reserved


SOULREST Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Mortem et metallum quia 1995.

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Track Name: When Words Fail
ingenious citations
falsehoods multiply
overload bravadoes
sancta excremento

all these proclamations
constructed in poetic way
flamboyant as may seem
are nothing more than dust in the wind

pointless and flashy
so no one cares
sancta excremento
no matter how or what

nothing matters in the end
as words fail

i whisper spells
i draw inscriptions
enclosing myself in mysticism
and just like dull reality
like my sole existence
all amount to nothing,
a random occurrence
in a vast desert of space
a coloring book i try to saturate
Track Name: Pokol
devastation, collapse, disaster
ignominy and destruction
rampage, slaughter, fiasco
holocaust and decay

where are we today?
in Totális Pokol
where are we headed?
(to) Totális Pokol

havoc and ruin, our secret desire
watching life burn and grinning in spite
havoc and ruin, hysteric contradictions
and trivial bullshit of 'hatszáz hatvan hat'

fuck off
Track Name: Parallaxis
in perception
caught up in a constant shift
new line of sight

paradise for each of us could never be the same
paradigm of
parallax view...

change of direction
beyond the point
and the point itself

why (this) has to be
so unattainable?
so painfully concealed?

hollow soul

no common ground for human folk is ever possible
no common language to pacificate us all
precisely as two sides of speculum would never meet
confronting out of fucking ignorance

no common ground
no dialogue
no compromise
and ignorance

confrontation and disdain
illusion of two points of view
Track Name: Perpetual Decay, pt.II
man in crisis, pain and tears
years go by but still in decline
scientific progress runs
humanity corrodes...

lust and greed, crime on speed
barbarity advance
good to dust, forgetting fast
the coffin is prepared

man in crisis, pain and tears
years go by but still in decline
scientific progress runs
humanity corrodes...

universe doesn't give a damn
may our human fall come to its final end
and plunge into oblivion!

perpetual decay
humanity corrodes
Track Name: Sine Fiducia
do I dare?
do I know?
am I sure?
of what am I to do
so discreet
so unsure
to even voicing it all

a thorough illness
no foundations
how am I to set my mind at rest?
hero or insect
becoming none
where're my foundations?

spiteful lies
let's all fucking die!
too many hours
too many lives
let me (finally) lay my soul at rest
Track Name: Grinning In Spite
gleaming in flaming red horror
manifestation of blood and doom
resisting a dull routine
striking (back with) grotesque and fury
acrimonious spite

grinning in spite

misery and frustration
hateful manifestation
perverted solace in pain

irritated on purpose
blessed are the senseless
who never intend to abstain

consumed by a lack of hope
confrontation, a means to live
hostility ingrained
acrimonious soul-eating spite
Track Name: Absurdity of Absurdities
this is the end of truthfulness
..and no more facts
(we) objectify and penalize
assaulting, mocking, pointing fingers

urge cheat deny, and procreate
pay vote obey, and penalize

we pray
we kill
we gratify
absurdity and adulation

so odd
so dear
we gratify
surreal pandemonium

absurdity, adulation
surreal pandemonium
Track Name: The Burden Grows Heavier
enjoyment in despair
tragic predicament of man
contempt, disdain
absurd, abomination
a vicious duty to enjoy
malice and spite

i welcome death
the liberator
i summon doom
relentless doom

hopelessness and bitterness
despising need to co-exist
bursting into violence
directed towards myself
i welcome death, i summon doom
eradication come now soon
animated nothingness
nihility i seek